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Auflistung einiger Fixes und Veränderungen des Mods:


      * Fixed Console spam caused by a null entity call on the flamethrower


Game HUD:

      * Rebuilt the HUD from scratch basically
      * Removed every component
      * Added a Spawntimer to the HUD (under the Map time)
      * Added a Ready Up indicator in warmups
      * Added a Fire Team to the HUD (this needs feedback)
      * Moved the Obituary List under the respawn timer and extended it to 6 Popups
      * Moved the Chat List to the left down side, and extended it to 5 Popups
      * Added a numeric HP display, aswell as a small bar
      * Added a numeric Veil Power display, aswell as a small bar
      * Added a numeric Grenade and Satchel / Healt pack / Ammo pack display. If you run out of charge, a chargebar will be displayed until its full again
      * Added a numeric Ammo display, aswell as a small bar. The bar will turn red on low ammo and on reloads
      * Added a weapon indicator icon, it will turn red on low ammo and on reloads
      * flipped the ammo symbol on the hud (hi bjorn)

Scoreboard HUD:

      * Removed the solid backgroundimage when ingame.
      * Lowered the black background opacity when ingame.

Gameplay changes:

Spawn system:

      * Removed the personal wait time
      * The first spawn is random for both teams. This is because we dont want to have both teams spawning at the same time
      * Bank spawns are fixed to 13 seconds on the allied side and 14 seconds on the axis side
      * All other maps have a 15 seconds spawn for both teams

Misc changes:

      * Raised footstep sounds
      * Lowered luger sound
      * Removed Weapon Tracers
      * Removed Weapon Muzzleflash
      * Localized the hitsounds: You will be able to put any sound you want as your hitsounds. The server does not need to have those sounds or package

Weapon Changes:

      * MP40 spread when shooting from the hip was reduced to close to that of the ironsight
      * Grenade velocity is now a bit higher again, not as high as in the unpatched retail game

Interaction System:

      * Objectives always had to pick up, now you can just walk over them to pick them up.
      * Syringe, or magical whatever, can be bound to _weapon2 and you can basically walk over the map with it
      * Pliers / Wrench can be bound to _weapon2 and you can basically walk over the map with it

Graphical / Map Tweaks:

      * Removed Postprocess from the HUDs
      * Removed Dust from Maps
      * Removed Fog from Maps
      * Removed Effects from Maps
      * Removed Flash from main Objectives, kept them on the weapons
      * Removed leaf animations from trees

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