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Shrapmod 0.3 Changelog
*Tweaked footstep sounds, they now play about half as often as before also reduced volume slightly
*Added invuln glowing feet effect(needs work) This is temporary till I find a better effect/icon
*Added ET revive feedback sound
*Tweaked sprinting/running animations (needs work but isn't as jerky when sprinting)
*Replaced mp40 sound with rtcw one
*Changed Invulnerability time to 4 seconds down from 5
*Made mp40 and luger slightly more accurate
*Reduced Medic ammo: mp40 64->32 rifle 25->10
*Reduced Eng+Soldier ammo: mp40 96->64 rifle 25->20
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Reduced sprint speed by about 10%
*Removed mp40 recoil/kick
*Removed mp40 + mp43 knockback push and kick (This was bugged and caused many bullets to not register)
*Removed Red Enemy Arrows
*Added ET hitsounds
*Increased panzer damage slightly
*Removed bullet tracers
*Made panzer charge sound non local

Shrapmod 0.2 Changelog
*Remove having to "pick up" docs with use key *DONE*
*Remove Moving affecting aim *DONE*
*Remove muzzleflash on mp40,mp43,pistol *DONE*
*Fix (rework) pistol *DONE*
*Make holding down shoot for too long increase spread by way more (3x-4x more?)higher *DONE*
*Rework revive system from scratch *DONE* *Needs work*
*Scale all movespeed up 30% *DONE*
*Incresed HP 100->120 *DONE*
*Increased HS damage multiplier from 2.0 -> 2.57 *DONE*
*Add sprinting while strafing(maybe) *DONE*
*Hitsounds from ET *DONE* separate pk4 file
*Fix panzer *DONE* *Needs a little work*
*Soldiers now move slower with panzer
*Footsteps *DONE* may need to tweak range and volume
*Removed stupid self spawn timer nonsense *DONE*
*Changed attacking respawn time to 20 by default *DONE*
*Changed defending respawn time to 30 by default *DONE*
*Added reload sounds when ui_showgun = 0
*Fix panzer explosion effect not always playing
*Incresed range of smgs and pistol

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