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Neuro Wolf v0.3
Author: Nicola "Neurological" Capecci
E-Mail: neurological AT neuro-lab DOT net  
This mod is intended to change some of the Single-Player functions of Wolfenstein.
The features are:
Movements features
- Decreased sprint head bobbling
- Decreased melee attack head bobbling on all weapons (except bayonetta)
- Decreased recoil head bobbling on MP40 and MP43
- Changed Offset position on sprint animations for all weapons (now it looks more like RTCW when sprinting)
- Increased FOV from 80 to 90 for both walk and sprint (for a movement like RTCW)
- No more head bobbling when climbing ladders
- No more delay on sprint start
- No more jump and landing recovery time for perform quick jumps
- Rescaled speed to heavy weapons (now the player have the same speed as holding an MP40 on all weapons) - New Updated v0.3
Weapon features
- MP40, MP43 pickups now give less ammo
- New MP40 upgrade that adds incendiary ammunition unlockable on Castle (gold needed 3500, and it lower carryable ammo to 80)
Hud features
- Removed Button Tips on hud (like press F to pickup or Press R to reload) - New Update v0.3
- Removed Stab icon on hud - New Update v0.3
- Removed health warning from hud - New Update v0.3
- Removed directional indicator of planted dynamite - New Update v0.3
- Shortened transition time for ingame mainmenu - New Update v0.3
- Enabled crosshair while sprinting - New Update v0.3
Fixes v0.3
- Fixed postprocess effects not loading with the mod
- Fixed new upgrades strings name appearing also on MP43 and Kar98
Misc features
- Increased number of corpses on screen from 5 to 10  
- Multilanguage support for the new upgrade name and description(still missing Polish and Russian).  
- Added mod Wallpaper
- Added new icon for link to desktop
This mod is still work in progress. More features will be added.
Extract the zip into your WolfSP folder (eg. x:/Program Files/Activison/Wolfenstein/WolfSP/) and run neuro_wolf.bat.
Simply delete the file zzz-neurowolf.pk4 and neuro_wolf.bat from your WolfSP base folder.
NOTE: If you are running another mod from the base folder, it may have conflicts with this one. Backup your other mods before
installing this.
Nicola "Neurological" Capecci - Def changes, Italian and English strings translation.
Ansgar 'Berserk' Alsfasser - German strings translation.
Olivier "__MaX__" Zuccaro - French strings translation.
Robert 'bLiN_de' Ramirez - Spanish strings translation.
Masensuk - Tester.
Jarad "TinMan aka Tex" Hansen - Thanks for the pre-SDK guide for Wolfenstein and example files.
Wolfenstein logo and Id logo are trademarks of Id Software, LLC. ©2004-2008 all rights reserved.  
This mod is not supported by Id Software, LLC.
No need to ask any permission if you want to use this mod for your projects such as mods or videos, but credits
are appreciated.

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