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= Risk - A "Tweaks Mod" for Wolfenstein (2009) Single Player =
Version: a4
Date: 2009-09-04
Author: Jarad Hansen aka TinMan aka Tex
email: tinman_squad at hotmail
NOTE: This mod is released pre-SDK using somewhat untested methods. The mod and it's methods may be invalidated by a SDK release.
Furthermore, modding you game this way would be outside the bounds of Activision Technical Support.
Basically don't request support if you are running a modded game.
= What =
A few tweaks to the Wolfenstein gameplay, started mainly as a proof of concept for pre-SDK modding.
See Modding.txt in the modding folder for more info about that.
The focus of the mod is to make it more challenging and fun.
It seems as if the balance of the normal game was little changed from the console versions, and with the accuracy and reaction speed a mouse provides it's possible to slaughter normal soldiers very quickly.
By improving the AI reaction times, the amount of damage they can take and their accuracy combat is a lot better (IMHO).
The weapon upgrade system is also too lax in my opinion, making the standard rifles much too accurate and powerful too quickly.
By upping the price you have to budget/choose a lot more carefully.
= Change Log =
Increased stamina recharge and max sprint time.
Decreased sprint start delay.
FOV increased from 80 to 90.
Roll on sprint view decreased.
Max corpses increased and remove time increased.
More objects around the world are graspable, barrels, crates, chairs.
Upgrade costs for MP40,MP43,Kar increased by ~ 2000.
Kar silencer upgrade removed. It does not make for challenging gameplay.
Players Mp40 - noLongRangeHeadshots. Still could do more testing to gauge the effect of this.
Max ammo for MP40,43,Kar reduced.
Base damage for MP40 increased from 5 to 8.
Base damage for Kar increased from 20 to 30.
Weapons and ammo now have to be manually picked up instead of just walking over them.
All enemy soldiers health increased by 40.
Sniffer health increased by 10.
Elite guard health increased by 10.
Soldiers with kar98 improved by decreasing spread adjustment max from 25! seconds to 3.
Spread adjustment time reduced for MP40,43 wielding soldiers, as well as base spread.
sightedNoAttackDuration decreased from 1.5 seconds to .5. This is the time between enemy spotting you and firing.
AI mauser damage increased from 10 to 15.
Heavy trooper particle canning damage increased from 1 per sec to 2.
= Using the Mod =
1. Installation: Unzip the into Wolfenstein\SP\ folder.
2. Loading the mod: 
Run 'Load risk.bat' in the Wolfenstein\SP\ folder.
3. Playing: Load any save, the changes will be applied.
= Installation = 
Delete zz_risk-pak000.pk4 from Wolfenstein\SP\, and any other files that were included from
= Known Problems =
Because of pre-sdk limitations, having more than one mod installed will lead to conflicts in the changed files.
= Feedback =
Email me at tinman_squad at hotmail
Or on the Wolfenstein community forums with the user name TinManTex.
= Distribution =
Distribute as you will, just keep the zip unmodified. Sweet.
= Thanks and credits to =
Raven for creating a fun game.

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