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Wolfpro 0.1 Release
Extract the zip file to your games root directory
start the server with the following arguments: +set fs_game wolfpro
Extract the zip file to your games root directory
start the game with the following arguments: +set fs_game wolfpro
Your configs can remain in the base directory, wolfpro will read them from there
this might be helpful:
This pak can be modifyd by the client! It contains at the moment the wolfenstein hitsounds
Replace those files (keep the names) with your own hitsounds to have them working in wolfenstein
Changelog: wolfpro 0.1 Beta -> wolfpro 0.1
    * 15/20 for bank,hospital,manor & canals
    * 15/25 for facility and tesla
    * Fixed all missing nade / panzerfaust / airstrike / flammenwerfer effects / explosions (first person)
    * Fixed ATI shadow bug
    * Fixed missing effect on tesla ( electrical barrier )
    * Fixed MP40 / MP43 falloff damage ( we need your feedback on that )
    * Fixed weapprev & weapnext fov bug
    * Panzerfaust was reworked. 20 Second shoot delay, no reload, faster, wider splash, more damage
    * HUD health / veil bars are colord now (white to red)
    * HUD fonts are smaller
    * HUD font elements have a shadow
    * Scope material has no picmip anymore
    * HUD indicator for recording a demo
Cvar changes:
    ws_axisRespawnTime [-1, n] default: -1 will use the default wolfpro spawntime
    ws_alliedRespawnTime [-1, n] default: -1 will use the default wolfpro spawntime
    ws_allowUpgrades [0,1] default 1: Enable / disble any upgrade
    w_skipMuzzleFlash [0,1] default 0 - skip weapon muzzleflash
    w_autoRecord[0,1] default 0 - will auto record a demo on match start, and stop it on match end
Added Serverside Mapconfigs:
The mod has now a new folder containing the mapscripts: wolfpro/maps/<mapname>.cfg
At the moment those scripts only hold the respawn time. If you think that the times should be changed, 
just change them in the corresponding map script.
but remember, to enable this feature, your server cfg must contain the following cvar: g_execMapConfigs and it must be set to 1
Added preset cfgs for:
    * avidemo: exec preset_avidemo
    * windowed: exec preset_windowed
    * fullscreen: exec preset_fullscreen
Thats it, please report back at:

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