XP und NQ 1.2.9 Beta 5

Alles rund um das scripten und Server aufsetzen
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XP und NQ 1.2.9 Beta 5

Beitragvon =TSF=|Razor| » 09.01.2011, 20:25

Hab letztens NQ 1.2.9 B5 auf meinen Server hochgeladen.
Ging auch alles ganz gut, bis ich merkte, dass meine XP nach einem reconnect nicht gespeichert werden.
Innerhalb der Campaign is alles oke, aber wie gesagt: Nicht bei reconnecten.

Hier ein paar auszüge meiner .cfgs:


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set g_XPSave "15"
set g_XPSaveDirectory "/home/disturbed/enemy-territory/nq/xpsave.cfg"
set g_XPSaveMaxAge 157680000
set g_XPDecay 0
set g_XPDecayFloor 0
set g_XPDecayRate 0
set g_maxXP -1


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// g_XPSave - Sets flags for allowing per player XP saving between campaigns, rounds, etc.
//  0 - Disable XP saving
//  1 - Store XP when a client disconnects
//  2 - Don't reset XP to the pre-map start values on a map restart, shuffle, etc..
//  4 - Never ever reset xp
//  8 - Force the disconnection of clients with the same GUID as the connecting client.
//      This is useful in saving the stored XP of players with unreliable network connections
//      since they should still get their stored XP even if reconnecting immediately with a new IP address
// 16 - Do not use xp-save when playing stopwatch
// 32 - If enabled the server tries to convert the very old xp file format (in one file) to single file based system - see g_XPSaveDirectory
        Rename the file to "xpsave.cfg" and restart the server. If it's done remove this flag from g_XPSave.
// Default: 0
set g_XPSave "15"

// g_XPSaveDirectory - ABSOLUTE path to a new directory that will contain .xp files.
// This is required for XP save to work.
// Directory must be created before starting your server.
// The path must not be relative like other file CVARs are, meaning, no "xpsave" value for this.
// On linux something like this will work: "/home/ownername/.etwolf/servername/xpsave" or "/home/ownername/noquarter/xpsave"
// Windows: "C:\<FULL_PATH>\xpsave"
// Test with a /rcon writexp command to confirm you have set this CVAR properly.
set g_XPSaveDirectory ""

// g_XPSaveMaxAge - The number of seconds that must pass without a connection from this player before
// XPSave forgets their XP and skills.
// Default: 86400 (1 day)
set g_XPSaveMaxAge 86400

// g_XPDecay - Decays players' XP on the server when set to 1.
// This feature is mainly used with the g_XPSave 4 flag which allows XP to continue building forever.
// 1   - Enable XP Decay
// 2   - Do not decay a player's XP when they are disconnected from the server.
// 4   - Do not decay a player's XP for the class they are currently playing as.
// 8   - Do not decay a player's XP while they are spectating
// 16  - Do not decay a player's XP during warmup/intermission
// 32  - Do not decay a player's XP when he/she is playing on a team.
// 64  - Do not decay a player's Battle Sense XP when he/she is playing.
// 128 - Do not decay a player's Light Weapons XP when he/she is playing.
// Default: 0
set g_XPDecay 0

// g_XPDecayFloor - This is the minimum that any particular skill can be reduced to by g_XPDecay.
// For example, setting this to 540.0 will ensure that no player will ever lose rank or
// skill levels due to g_XPDecay.
// Default: 0
set g_XPDecayFloor 540

// g_XPDecayRate - This is the rate (in skill points per second) that XP skill points for EACH
// skill will decay when g_XPDecay is enabled. Setting this to 0.2 would result in a player losing
// 12 points per minute IN ALL SKILLS, so up to 84XP per minute if the player has skill points for each skill.
// Default: 0
set g_XPDecayRate 0

// g_maxXP - This will reset a players XP once their overall XP score reaches it.
// It useful for servers with XPSave that never resets. Set to -1 to disable.
// Default: -1
set g_maxXP 10000

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Beitragvon |bTc|ClawFire » 10.01.2011, 19:35

du sollst einen ordner, und nicht eine datei angeben
set g_XPSaveDirectory "/home/disturbed/enemy-territory/nq/xpsave"
sn4ke hat geschrieben:also ich nehme hier mal kurz ... in Schutz und behaupte mal, das er weitaus mehr Ahnung von der technischen Seite des Spieles hat als alle anderen hier...

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