TC:Elite Patch 0.49b

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TC:Elite Patch 0.49b

Beitragvon niGhteviL » 02.01.2007, 16:40

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Heute wurde ganz still und leise der TC:Elite Patch 0.49b released. Leider gibt das TC_elite Mod Team keine Infos an die Community Pages weiter, wenn es was neues gibt.

Hier die Fixes:
    fixed disappearing flags bug in CTF
    fixed bomb dropping when client that follows bomb carrier disconnects
    fixed glass shader that lets smoke disappear
    fixed basement spawn points in snow
    replaced ROE violation by spawn protection in CTF
    replaced ROE violation by spawn protection for friendly in BC (0.48 like)
    increased CTF respawn time to 30 seconds
    fixed r_ambientscale being switched to engine default when server changed maps (resulted in much too dark player lighting)
    fixed bug that kicked the player being followed if the player to be kicked was in following mode
    fixed disconnect icon position
    removed talk icon for dead players
    fixed viewport clipping when leaning into walls
    fixed incorrect fogging of northport puddle texture
    fixed fogging of grenade explosion mark
    tweaked corner smearing effect of mark projection
    tweaked smoke grenade smoke to be fogged
    added 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 support with fixed horizontal FOV of 90 deg (controlled via cg_aspectMode or UI)
    added 4 additional common screen resolutions to UI (including 1680x1050)
    reworked positioning of HUD elements depending on aspect ratio
    added functionality to use lightgrid for 2D elements
    2D sniper scope shader is now lit by lightgrid and effected by dynamic eye
    lowered gun position in hip mode to appear more realistic and consistent in all modes
    specops commando snipers now have helmet for better team identification
    fixed wounded specops commando skins (changed from mask to no mask)
    fixed error in stats routine that caused missing damage rating in scoreboard
    adapted scoreboard to screenwidth
    removed chatbox from intermission
    added kills, deaths, suicides and team kills to scoreboard
    server logfile now includes weapon names in kill logs
    added optional freeaim feature in aimed and scoped mode
    added freeaim switch to UI
    added random off-center landzone of the aiming vector in tac mode
    FOV in aimed mode now depends on weapon class
    changed map location for northport to Liverpool
    added cg_aspectFOVMode to UI
    added experimental ballistic bullet tracing (currently deacticated)
    in-game server browser now filters only obj_ maps (version 049+)
    removed high explosive grenades from Recon class
    reorganized grenade loadouts
    decreased SMG damage by 10%
    halved maximum accuracy for sidearms and machine pistols
    increased Mac10 recoil by 30%
    fixed scripting error in railhouse demolition that did not indicate bombed spots
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Beitragvon silver » 06.01.2007, 12:41

juhuu wieder 4:3 support :)

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