ETQW Map: After the war 3 b2

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ETQW Map: After the war 3 b2

Beitragvon silver » 30.05.2008, 21:54

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" align="left" border="0"></a>Die ETQW Map After the war 3 wurde in Version beta2 veröffentlicht. Nähere Infos findet ihr hier auf unserer Seite.

Beta 2 Changelog
This is a list of the major changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2.

* Megatexture is now placed directly in "../megatextures/" and the internal map name is now "maps/atw3", following the convention of the stock maps.
* Fourth objective is available. The indoor part of the warehouse complex is very raw because I want to hear your feedback on distances, gameplay, etc. before I pretty-it-up with detail.
* Overhauled the deployable mask. Removed most (all?) of the crazy deployament places. Also reduced much of the deployament space especially around the first and second objectives. Removed all of the useless single-square or L-shaped spots.
* Added placeholder VO for all the primary objectives and end-game. These will be replaced with custom VO in the final version. BTW, if anyone fancies recording some dialogue, including Strogg fx, give me a shout (a-ha!).
* Secondary objectives have more progress messages.
* All objectives now launch appropriate mission/tasks.
* Moved the Strogg spawns a little further back. At their main base some of the spawns are indoors.
* Moved the Strogg capturable spawn location to the eastern room so that GDF can infiltrate and liberate it without necessarily encountering any spawning Strogg.
* Hornet is only available after the 2nd objective is completed.
* Opened up the container area south of the 2nd objective.
* Barricade is destroyable allowing the GDF to bring in both Badger trucks more easily into the second objective.
* During the second objective the Strogg have a 5 second longer respawn timing.
* Ladder in the 2nd objective building now faces the platform instead of the wall.
* Added/changed soft and hardcover especially around the 3rd objective.
* Raised the flight ceiling slightly.
* Turret(s) protecting the 3rd objective (before security computer is hacked) are a bit further away giving more leeway to GDF.
* Made it easier to get out of the water in front of the beach sewer entrance.

Entpackt "atw30_2.rar" nach "<WhereYouInstalledETQW>/base/", danach habt ihr die folgenden Datein.
  • megatextures/atw3_lit.mega
  • z_atw3_b2.pk4
  • z_atw3_b2.txt

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